Proverbs 31:27

The Lord deals with me through repetition a lot of times. It’s like He knows that I need the confirmation of several different people I look up to saying the same thing over and over, in different settings and separately.

Lately it’s been about the state of my household. I had started feeling convicted about it (and totally disgusted with it) a few weeks ago. In case you don’t follow me on Insta or FB, I am preggers (YAY, 19 weeks to be exact) and my first trimester was pretty rough to say the least. I basically stayed on the couch as much as possible for 3 months. That didn’t leave much room for house cleaning. Ha.

So a week ago, a dropped my mini me off to Mother’s Day Out and went home with a burning desire to clean. What? Me? I have never ever been a clean freak. Never. But there are certain instances where I just feel the need to get out my Thieves cleaner and make everything shiny.

I texted my friends to share my cleaning woes a couple hours into the job, and my always insightful friend Kayla responded, “Well, over the weekend I experienced some conviction towards my priorities concerning my house keeping. Not that I’ve just stopped or anything, but I’ve been frustrated and overwhelmed by it and the Lord revealed to me that it’s because I haven’t been doing it for him.” Ugh. Yes. (Confirmation #1 that I was on the right track.)

A few days go by and Kayla writes this lovely little piece in her blog detailing how the Lord spoke to her concerning this matter. (Confirmation #2 and further revelation)

Then yesterday I decided to listen to a Monday night call with a Young Living Royal Crown Diamond Leader (who happens to also be my upline), April Pointer. (If you want to hear it, they post replays of the last 4 calls here.) I wanted to listen to it because she would be talking about how Oola and balancing her life totally changed everything for her and her family. And that is something I definitely struggle with – how to be a work at home mom, making a great income with my home business, but also taking care of my BIBLICAL responsibilities as a wife and mother. Guess what she mentioned in the call? Yeah. Taking care of duties around the house. You guys. She’s Royal Crown Diamond. If you are a fellow YL biz builder, I don’t have to explain to you that that means a six figure income monthly. MONTHLY. She could easily hire someone to take care of that stuff for her, and maybe she does hire out some of it. But she specifically mentioned having responsibilities around the home that SHE still takes care of. (Confirmation #3)

Finally, this morning, I decided to jump on Periscope for a word from another amazing Diamond leader within my company, Melissa Poepping. GUESS WHAT SHE TALKED ABOUT. Folding laundry. I was like okay God, I got it. Just because I’m trying to bring Wellness, Purpose and Abundance to the world doesn’t mean I get to shirk homemaking. That’s what the Lord has assigned to me to do, EVEN IF he has put a passion within me to be a business builder as well.

I came across this image today as I was printing things to put on my Vision Board for 2016. I thought it was a perfect reminder of God’s will for my household. Here’s to a clean and maintained home and less chaos and stress in 2016. πŸ™‚



Thieves Home Bundle SPECIAL OFFER!!

I am super excited to announce I have a SPECIAL OFFER for the rest of the month!!! I am bundling the Thieves Household Cleaner and Thieves Laundry Soap (BRAND NEW!!) for just $60 and NO SHIPPING!! That’s right! Just a flat $60 and I will send it to your door!

Why do you need these 2 in your life?? We’ve been talking for the past couple posts about how dangerous the chemicals in all of our store bought products can be, so I thought, WHY NOT give you a chance to get your hands on some TOXIN FREE products that you can start using right away! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t clean their home or wash clothes, so ANYONE can benefit from these! These are both SUPER CONCENTRATED formulas. The laundry soap can wash 64 loads (maybe more if you’ve got an HE machine) and this 14.4 oz bottle of Thieves Cleaner can make at least fourteen 30 oz spray bottles of all-purpose cleaner. You really can’t beat that — especially when we’re talking PLANT & MINERAL BASED products that aren’t harmful to your family!

thieves home bundleTo purchase before October 31 and take advantage of this deal (at least $20 off of retail pricing with no tax or shipping!) just click below! I can’t WAIT to hear how you like them!


#FallFridayFreebies: Say GOODBYE to dryer sheets! SAY WHAT?!

YAY! It’s Friday and that means another edition of FALL FRIDAY FREEBIES!!! This week I wanted to ditch the dryer sheets for good. Since we have been trying over the last few years (and even more diligently the last year and a half) to go chemical free, I’ve been using unscented dryer sheets. BUT it’s still been bugging me that the sheets have the fabric softener in them, which is toxic just like fragrance.

So let’s talk about some of the ingredients in fabric softeners and their hazards to our health. (Information from The Chemical Free Home by Melissa Poepping)

  1. Detergents and emulsifiers take away our natural layer of oil on our skin. This can cause irritation (obviously, right?). Detergents also can cause problems with nutrient absorption, hair loss, organ damage, blindness and cancer, among other things. YIKES.
  2. Synthetic fragrance and dyes – these are present in your dryer sheets if you’re not using the ones specifically without fragrance. It’s what makes your clothes smell OH SO GOOD but really they cause a whole host of problems: coughing and sneezing, hyperactivity, upset stomach, reproductive damage, headaches, depression, ADD, emotional problems and more.
  3. Heavy metals – who knew these were in those sweet smelling sheets? These cause immune disorder, muscle weakness, reduced intelligence (hmm…), short attention span, hyperactivity, muscle and joint pain…the list goes on and on.
  4. Β Petrochemicals – oh yippee. These cause pimples (does this make you second guess sleeping on that pillow case dried with these toxic sheets? BLEH!!), allergic reactions, splitting nails, respiratory failure, rashes, headaches, etc.

OK have I convinced you to ditch the dryer sheets?! GOOD!!! WHEW. That was a close one. I mean good grief! These chemicals are sneaky. So let’s talk about what to do instead and move onto today’s FREEBIE!

I spent some time yesterday making some wool dryer balls (tutorial here) and I thought, what a perfect way to help someone else go a little bit more chemical free!! So today I’m giving away a 4 pack of 100% wool dryer balls and a sample bottle of Purification. You just put a few drops on the dryer balls and throw them in with the laundry. I am still a newbie at this, so from what I’ve read, you use all 4 for a standard load of laundry. They help your clothes dry faster, and they are reusable, so they save you time, money on electricity & dryer sheets, and prevent you from using those nasty chemicals on your family’s clothes. WIN – WIN – WIN.

Dryer balls FFFAll you have to do to enter is go to this photo on Instagram or on my Facebook page & tag 2 friends! Try to tag one friend who already uses oils and one friend who hasn’t been converted to this chemical free, oily lifestyle. We will work on them together πŸ˜‰

Here’s to a chemical FREE fall!


#FallFridayFreebies: Are you addicted to toxic fragrances??

Let’s go chemical free this fall, shall we?? Can we start with what you’re using to “freshen” the air in your home? I too used to use the standard “air freshener” to squirt my home with harmful chemicals that made it smell “good.” Or I’d burn a YUMMY candle that made my house smell like cookies. I even had a wax warmer!! Yep, you caught me!! That’s just what people do, right? And it was the only way to get rid of the nasty odors…or so I thought!!

Then came Young Living Essential Oils, and I started reading all about the benefits of diffusing the natural fragrances that plants produce rather than chemicals made in a lab! Just for example: diffusing essential oils in your home, car or office can enhance relaxation, calm the effects of occasional stress, enhance memory recall and more while purifying and improving the quality of air. You know, aromatherapy. You see, what I didn’t realize is that essential oils came first. Like, the Good Lord created them. They’ve been here longer than you and me and your great-great-great-great-grandma. Then the perfuming industry noticed that it was much cheaper to formulate these compounds in a laboratory. Much cheaper, much easier to regulate and replicate – exactly the same every time. However, these substances are VERY harmful to our health. Cheaper, but may cost you everything. Did you know that air fresheners and CANDLES, yes, the beloved CANDLE, can contain formaldehyde – a KNOWN carcinogen? If you don’t believe me, just go read the main ingredients over here on the EPA’s website. And we willingly light these and burn them around our family, or plug them in, or place them under our car seats, or spray them on our furniture and on our clothes. YIKES! This makes the air in our homes much more toxic than the air outside. Which is why we say we have to go outside to get “fresh air,” right??

So I said all that to say… here is my first installation of Fall Friday Freebies… this is gonna be fun! It’s FALL!! It doesn’t feel like it here in Texas, but it’s September, and I’m getting into the fall spirit! I want to give away some prizes on Fridays this fall!! So today is Friday, even if only for a few more hours, and I’ve got FIVE of these to give away for essential oil newbies – like you have NEVER used Young Living Essential Oils – who are addicted to their wax warmers, candles, and air fresheners. It’s a blend I created of the spices in my favorite Pumpkin Pie recipe! It makes a LOVELY air freshener with health benefits. This is just an example, but no where NEAR an exhaustive list:

Cinnamon Bark supports a healthy immune response.
Clove may support overall wellness.
Ginger may calm occasional nausea.
Nutmeg may help with low energy levels.

I’ve included an information card and a little car diffuser (aka a wooden clothespin with a cute ribbon). πŸ˜‰ Just go follow me on Instagram or Facebook and comment on this photo, and tell me you’d like to try it! I’m giving away 5!!

File Sep 11, 8 00 04 PM


FRIENDS. Have you fallen in oily love yet?! I know what you’re thinking.

  1. “I don’t even want to mess with that because you do this as a business, and I am SO NOT INTERESTED in that.”

I’m cool with that. Like, seriously. I was NOT going to do the business side either. I had a really bad taste in my mouth about Network Marketing and all these “parties” people have to sell stuff to each other. I thought (probably like most people) that it was a scam. Like the product really wasn’t that valuable, and people were just in it for a paycheck. Then I started using the oils and they CHANGED. MY. LIFE. Really! My emotions saw an IMMEDIATE impact, and that made for a happier family, marriage, and friendships! I really couldn’t keep it to myself. I have never and still don’t consider myself a salesman. Yuck. The thought still creeps me out. I know what I’m doing is sharing an awesome product (something God made, actually) that will help people like it helped me and my family. Even so, you aren’t ever obligated to commit your life to sharing about the oils no matter how much you love them. So, no worries. πŸ˜‰

2) “That’s super weird. There’s nothing Young Living has to offer that I would need. This is like the super strange hippie version of the people selling nail polish and hand bags.”

Yeah.. it’s a little weird! I had HEARD of essential oils before, but wasn’t sure what they were. Then my friend starts saying that her family uses them for cooking and cleaning and keeping themselves healthy. Say WHAT. I had to figure it out for myself. My husband was 100% convinced that it was a scam. We found out within the first day of using the oils that it was not a scam. It seemed weird, but it worked! Soooo worth getting made fun of. Especially when my family’s immune systems started kicking butt with the addition of these powerful little drops. Even if oils aren’t your thing, YL has products that can benefit ANY PERSON. I’m pretty certain we use more of the products each month than we do the actual oils. (Shhh. Don’t tell.)

3. “I’ve checked out Young Living’s prices compared to some other top essential oil companies, and Young Living’s are too expensive!”

Ohhh my friend. I am the queen of frugal. If it can be made cheaper, I’m all over it. I am thankful for this reason that I had no idea there were more EO companies out there when I bought my YL Starter Kit. I may have looked at price and nothing else, and what a TRAGEDY that would have been!!! I’ve now learned that cheaper is NOT always better! I think this video explains better than I can:

Got it?? Whew! Do NOT waste your money on essential oils. Yes, you heard me right. Don’t waste your money by buying junk that is trying to pass as essential oils. INVEST your money into something that is going to actually have benefit to your family.

So that brings me to my SEPTEMBER DEAL!!! YAY! How fun is this?? I love to give gifts. One of my top love languages is GIFTS! Young Living pays me a little commission each time I personally enroll someone. I believe so fully that you need this kit in your home this season, that I am willing to give back part of that referral to YOU!! How awesome is that?! This is for September 2015 ONLY, and it’s ONLY valid for those who use MY Getting Started link to sign up as a wholesale customer with one of Young Living’s Premium Starter Kits. SEPT sale

I always throw in some bonus material for my personally enrolled peeps to get you started off right, but this is in ADDITION TO THAT. Um, WHAT?! Crazy, right? And before you click on that link to get your membership, let’s talk about Essential Rewards. You have the option to sign up for Young Living’s Autoship Program right off the bat when you get your starter kit. This is an AMAZING program that gives you points back for monthly purchases of $50 or more. These points spend just like dollars. Trust me friend, this is something you’re going to want to check out. Not doing ER is like going to the store to buy your favorite brand of clothing, and you have a coupon but you don’t use it.Β  It’s cool if you don’t do it right away; you always have the option in the future! But I wanted you to know that it is SO WORTH it! I signed up for ER the same month I got my kit in, and we’ve never once regretted it. You get access to exclusive kits when on Essential Rewards to save your family even more money on some awesome things your home NEEDS this season. Go watch this 3-min video to find out more about how that program works. My personal recommendation is the Thieves Essential Rewards kit! It comes with an extra 15 mL of Thieves Essential Oil, 2 Thieves Sprays, 2 Thieves Hand Purifiers, 2 CONCENTRATED Thieves cleaners (makes LOTS of super cheap, chemical free, but EFFECTIVE cleaner), Thieves mouthwash, 2 Thieves Foaming hand soaps, and my most favorite product, Thieves Aromabright toothpaste! You can check out the other Essential Rewards Kits here!

If you need more information about the starter kit before you jump in, take the time to watch this super short video. It’s about 18 minutes long – shortest class known to MAN – and it gives you the super basics about what essential oils are, how to use them, and what the oils in the kit can be used for! Happy Oiling πŸ˜‰

July Essential Rewards (Christmas in July!)

July ER order breakdownChristmas in JULY πŸ™‚

It’s actually Christmas every month with Young Living. I’m a little, tiny bit obsessed with their products, and my family has to make an order every month to stay stocked up on necessities and to try new things. This month on my order:

Ningxia Red 2 pack:

This amazing little drink goes on my order EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. We are absolutely enamored with how this makes us feel. My husband and I drink 2-4 oz of this each day and the benefits are endless. It’s basically balanced antioxidant support for your ENTIRE body that does amazing things for the health of all systems. Some awesomeness about it:
*Supports normal cellular function
*Formulated from exotic fruits including the NingXia Wolfberry which is touted for its health benefits
*Whole food daily supplement
*Energizing without caffeine or sugar
*Supports normal eye health

And we could go on and on πŸ™‚

I finally grabbed the YL blender bottle so I could easily mix up one of my favorite products, the Balance Complete shake!


I’m trying this bad boy for the first time! My mommy brain has been on overload lately, so I really needed some help! πŸ˜‰ Mindwise combines sacha inchi nut oil with a proprietary blend of essential oils for a daily supplement used to support normal brain function and cognition. Lord knows I need this!

I also picked up YL’s lip balm trio because I am hooked on lip balm, and I know that store bought stuff has a lot of yucky ingredients. Who wants to lick their lips and ingest a bunch of synthetic ingredients that aren’t even food grade? Not me πŸ™‚

We have purchased YL’s bar soap before, but this is my first time to use the Valor one! Valor is one of my favorite YL blends, so I know the soap will be phenomenal! We try to avoid putting anything on our skin that we couldn’t ingest, because your skin will soak up EVERYTHING and go straight to your bloodstream. I love that YL has products that are safe for my family!

I also grabbed an extra Dewdrop Diffuser to give away to my awesome team in Young Living! That came with 5 mL bottles of Peppermint & Tangerine! YAY! Then I got 5 mL’s of Ravintsara and Aroma Siez fo’ FREE!

Peppermint is a family favorite because it is amazing for soothing our tummies and supporting the normal digestion process.

Tangerine can be used a dietary supplement to support a healthy immune system & it’s actually already found in Ningxia Red!

Ravintsara is a spicy-scented oil that smells a lot like eucalyptus! It’s amazing for diffusing during the cold-weather months.

Aroma Siez is a blend of basil, majoram, lavender, peppermint and cypress & is a relaxing blend well-suited for use after exercise or at the end of a long day, as it provides a comfort for the head, neck, and feet.